Kentucky Scenic


This was a quick photo that I took while driving the back roads around Frankfort. It was from up in the hills somewhere off highway 421, west of 127. It’s a beautiful drive if anyone is looking for a place … Continue reading

Above the KY River


I was driving some back roads over the weekend and happened to go by Four Roses distillery, which is part of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. While I didn’t take the time to tour the place, I did stop to grab … Continue reading

Four Roses Waterfall


Sunset and Ice

gentle blades by patrick hill

Gentle Blades


I took a little hike a few weeks ago into the woods behind my parents house in Bardstown, KY and discovered a few things from my younger days that I had completely forgot about like the creek, waterfall and small … Continue reading

Backyard Expedition

Lake in the Fog

I was digging through some old photos, found this and wanted to share it. It was taken early one morning from the backyard of my parents’ house in Bardstown, KY.

Lake in the Fog


Nolin Lake

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