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About KY Scenic

About Kentucky Scenic

Kentucky Scenic was created by Patrick R Hill as a way to share photography and information on unique destinations around Kentucky. I think I am also going to blend this together with photographic tips and techniques on how I capture my images so everyone from photographers to hikers and those simply curious about Kentucky should be able to find something they can enjoy here.

I am a designer by trade but I’m also an avid photographer and hiker and figured this site would be a great way to combine the two. I was also pushed to create Kentucky Scenic out of frustration at the lack of high quality information on outdoor activities in Kentucky on the web. I knew that tons of hidden treasures existed around the state such as water falls, caves, rivers, trails, rock formations and other destinations but had a tough time finding more than a sentence or two and maybe a picture on anything but the few well known areas.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys the site and if anyone would like to get a hold of me or send me any info on interesting places to visit and photograph just head to the contact section of the site.

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