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A Kentucky Oktoberfest


I’ve been trying to make it to an Oktoberfest every year but have always seemed to miss them. This year, however, I managed to get to the MainStrasse Village’s Oktoberfest in Covington, Ky and I still have some time to catch a few more. The festival was held from the 11th to the 13th of last month and according to the town’s website,, it is one of Southeast Tourism Society’s Top 20 Festivals for September 2009 and one of Kentucky Tourism Council’s “Top Ten 2009 Fall Festivals”.

I attended during the day so it was pretty laid back but from what I was told, the party really pick’s up at night when the main stage lights up with various bands. Upon arrival, I found the festival smaller than what I had expected even though it was supposed to cover around 6 city blocks. I still  had a pretty good time though checking out the arts, crafts, food and beer. I even saw some street performers, musicians and some people in traditional German garb.








There was one thing, though, that annoyed me a bit about this festival. This was the fact that at Oktoberfest, I had a heck of a time trying to find an Oktoberfest styled beer. I mean, c’mon, it’s Oktoberfest, you would thing their would beers all over the place. Even at the bar that was selling specialty beers outside lacked one. I finally had to go into a bar, search around for someone to help me and was finally able to enjoy an Oktoberfest beer. Now, I will admit that I am blowing this a bit out of proportion as I did finally come across a beer stand selling this style near the main stage but I did have to walk a while to get to it.

Well, enough complaining. Over all, this was great little festival that everyone should check out if they get the chance. Hope you enjoy the rest of the photos below.





This was my first post for Kentucky Scenic that doesn’t pertain directly with landscape photography so let me know what you think. Also, I know it’s been a while since my last featured post but I have a one or two more festival like posts in the pipeline for this month so stay tuned. I’m also going to be making a trip to Red River Gorge State Park next weekend for and free photography workshop being sponsored by Canon and Murphy’s Camera. I believe it is open to anyone, you just have to check in on Friday afternoon at the lodge, and it is supposed to have some guest speakers, workshops and competitions with prizes. If you want more info on this, I would try contacting Murphy’s Camera,

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